Openhab 2.5 image on raspberry 4 PI

Hello, I install the openHABian image ( .img.xz file) for your system from Version v1.5 on my SD-card with Etcher without any problems. Afterwards I put the card in my PI 4 and nothing seems to go on. After 2 hours I can’t see any internal IP address from my new PI4 … what is wrong??

Is it possible to attach a monitor on it. Then you can see if there is any error.
If you do not power your pi with right charging cable, openHABian will give an error and the system isn´t installing with the error message.

If it is not possible to attach any monitor, please buy the original charging cable. I thing this is the error :slight_smile:

Also please add a topic for the future.

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I have the original cable :wink:

Ok than please attach a monitor to see the error message.

OK I will do that … first I must buy the correct hdmi cable …

Noone can tell without looking at your box.
Try the unfinished debug guide


I go with instructe of www. I put the new image on SD card without errors. Put in the PI 4 and wait … nothings goes a head. So I install the raspberry buster image on the SD-Card and go installation step by step … now openhab 2.5 works …