Openhab 2 and UP-Boards (with PXE boot)

i’m a newly in house automation and plan to integrat openhab.
Are there any experience in PXE boot openhab on a UP board ?
I am happy about experiences :slight_smile:


As long as the UP board supports Java I see no reason why OH wouldn’t be able to run on it.

However, OH requires a lot of saved state. If you plan on PXE booting you need to be sure you account for preserving this state from boot to boot or else you will be spending your time reconfiguring it after every boot.

Hi Rich,
thanks for your quick response. I have the consideration that the UP or Raspberry pi 3 get the os/oh by PXE (static files, incl. the operating system and OH). The state files can be saved on a USB stick (that’s directly attached to the board).

Why did I think about that?

  • a NAS with an activatable PXE is already in operation.
  • if the board is defective, just install a new one (same board) and restart the environment via PXE.
  • no usage of any additional components such as an HDD.
  • state files can be saved on a USB directly attached to the board

Has anyone built it so far? or “abandoned”, because the implementation did not work?