openHAB 2 and Velleman K8055 / VM110N


I’m a newbie to openHAB and after testing around between openHAB and openHAB 2 for some hours, I decided to start with OH2. Meanwhile I managed to get my Sonos running under BasicUI and also to integrate my MAX!Cube with some heater thermostates. So far, so good.

After that I tried to get a Velleman K8055 running with OH2, and my first exercise was to set a digital output to ON. Even after a lot of hours of googeling and fiddling around: no luck until now! I’m not sure, whether this is possible at all, because the K8055-binding ist not in the list of compatible bindings for OH2.

So my question is: Q1: Has anybody sucessfully integrated the Velleman K8055 (or its successor VM110N) under openHAB 2?

And a second question concerns finding an alternative way, in case that the old OH1 binding is not compatible with OH2. I got the Linux K8055 library running on the same RasPi as the openHAB runtime. Thus, I can control the K8055 by commandline.

Q2: Is there any OH2 binding, that allows me easily to make use of this commandline interface?

And to further improve the idea with the commandline access:

Q3: How can I modify the solution from Q2, if I want remote-access, that means the K8055 and its Linux library are running on a system different from the one with my OH2 runtime?

A lot of questions, I know. But I’m rather sure, that a solution to this problem would be very interesting for a lot of other users too.



I too am trying to get a K8055 board working with OpenHAB 2. Did you find a solution?

Has anyone else got a K8055 working with OpenHAB 2?
Does anyone know why it doesn’t show in the list of bindings or where to get the binding?

Kind Regards