Openhab 2 beta 4 zwave interface configuration

After using openhab 1 for quite some time I started to give OH2 a try today. I have to say it looks quite promising :smile:

There is one thing which is not clear to me yet. How to configute the zwave interface ?

I installed the zwave binding, have a z-stick2 which shows up on com3 (Windows 10) but I did not find any configuration option for the serial port.
I also checked the OH log files and could not find any attempt for the zwave binding to load/start neither an attempt to open a serial port.

Am I overlooking something ?

I’m not quite sure what it is you wan to configure, but in PaperUI:
Configuration >> Things >>
Hit the edit (pencil) button

or in HABMIN:
Configuration >> Things >>
You;ll have some configuration options in the right pane. but not a lot more than in PaperUI…

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. I did not see my zwave USB stick and was looking for the serial port configuration under bindings.
I also did not see the zwave stick in things, found out that I was able to add it and then configure the port. Was not so obvious for me, but it works now.

You need to set up a serial adapter as described in the 2.0 zwave binding docs.