OpenHAB 2 doesn't show values of battery level and binary sensor for Leviton WADWAZ-1 Door/Windows Sensor


I’m setting up the door sensor. It’s recognized well in OpenHAB 2 beta 4.
“WADWAZ-1 Door/Windows Sensor zwave:device:73b4fcaf:node3”. From Paper UI, it’s alarm and tamper alarm are updated correctly. However, it doesn’t show the binary sensor and battery level values. Am I missing anything here to set it up correctly?

Interestingly, somehow it’s showing the battery level and binary sensor value right now. I don’t what’s changed. I removed a different device and re-added the same device. But I also did similar things yesterday and it didn’t work.

Have you tried to get the external switch to work on the WADWAZ-1.

WADWAZ-1 works fine right now. I don’t understand what the external switch is.

There are screw terminals you can wire an external switch to, this can be used to monitor an additional opening. Shown here on page 2 I had it working with OH1.

Then I don’t have it set up and I don’t know whether it works.