openHAB-2: How to add a button and add business logic?

Hi openHAB-2-community,

recently I started to play around with openHAB-2. My first question is how to add a button on the Basic-UI? Afterwards I want to add some business logic to dig deeper in the openHAB-2 world. How is this done? In openHAB-1 there was the items- and rules-file. What is the openHAB-2 equivalent? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Best regards,

You can use your whole openHAB 1 configuration in openHAB 2, there are very few differences, e.g. you will have to split the openhab.cfg in per-binding-files for openHAB 1 bindings, and you don’t need imports for openHAB-stuff.

Just a small correction, it has to be per-binding config, not per-item.

Ouch. I should have reread my posting before sending it…