OpenHAB 2 is support for multiple Homes or users

I am new to OpenHAB 2. Currently I am looking for an automation platform for our smart homes project.
OpenHAB2 seems interesting to me. However, in order for my project to work, I need it to support
multiple users configuration, i.e. different users will have different access to the “things” in the home.
Now final question is create one central OpenHAB2 is support or able to configure automation rules based on different users.

Not sure what you mean. If those users share a physical building, you obviously cannot distinguish who pushed a switch unless each device is statically mapped to one user. That of course you can do, rules are triggered on device events, so you can execute user-specific rules.
For the Web interfaces and apps, there is no such concept as multiple (web) users but you can create individual sitemaps for every user to just present access to that user’s devices, and provide that as their homepage.

PS: this is for the standard setup. Yes there’s possibilities in advanced setups. You can use NGINX to do user based auth.
PPS: yes there’s even methods to determine a specific person’s presence in a room and have rules work based on that, but that requires additional HW and SW and is considered to be pretty advanced/experimental.


Hi Markus. Hope you can help me. I am setting up my holiday home with OpenHab and will want to be able to give remote access to other people for some items (eg Front door and garage door controlled by a couple of sonoff switches. I know I will need cloud set up, but struggling to find how to share access to some things,.

Hi Dave,

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Thanks Russ, I’ll certainly have a read of the guidelines and have a go at posting!


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