Openhab 2 + KNX binding rollershutter feedback


My openhab log says the following:

2018-03-04 21:03:32.774 [WARN ] [al.bus.KNXBindingDatapointReaderTask] - Autorefresh: Cannot read value for item 'Shutter_Screens_glv_Z_1' from KNX bus: timeout waiting for group read response: timeout

2018-03-04 21:03:32.776 [WARN ] [al.bus.KNXBindingDatapointReaderTask] - Autorefresh: Remaining retries for address '2/3/0' = '1'

The same groupadress shows the folowwing info on the KNX bus:

|Time|Service|Flags|Prio|Source Address|Source Name|Destination Address|Destination Name|Rout|Type|DPT|Info|
|4/03/2018 21:02:04,959|from bus||Low|1.0.40|-|2/03/0|Woonkamer Screen zuid raam feedback|6|GroupValueRead||$00|

my item:

Rollershutter Shutter_Screens_glv_Z_1		"gelijkv_zuid_raam [%d %%]"	<rollershutter>		(Screens, Shutters) { knx="2/1/0,2/2/0,2/4/0+<2/3/0", autoupdate="false"}

It’s if openhab doens’t translate the info of the knx bus well. For other items like temperature reading it is running perfectly.

Does anyone now how to deal with this?