openHAB 2 - KNX Wiki?


I’m running openHAB 1.8 for some time. Right now I want to try and test a migration to openHAB 2.
The Installation of the online package went well.

But I’m missing a Wiki or “how to” for setting up the bindings like KNX!!???

where is it?


but no KNX - Binding or configuration help there!

Go to "1.x Addons"
Find “KNX binding”, click on it … and voila

thx, so far!

okay, does this mean, that nothing changed from OH 1 to OH 2, related to KNX - Bindings?

and 2nd. does anything change at OH Designer? Or why does it not accept the “config” path??

Basically the parameters is the same i think…
You need to select Router or Tunnel Mode. Then enter the KNX Gateways IP address when using Tunnel mode, and Multicast address for Router Mode…
Also you need to set the Client IP-address…
A config could look like this:


Install the KNX binding from Paper UI

Almost: take a look here regarding the change from openhab.cfg files to xxx.cfg files:

yes, can confirm config files are exactly the same in OH2. it works great with KNX too. you may want to try KNX 1.9.0 snapshot binding once you’ve got Openhab 2 up and running with your current binding. Dont change both at the same time! just in case :wink:

Hi Pete,

"dont change both…"
both what?!

OpenHAB version and KNX binding version. If you have an existing working openHAB best to change one thing only

Hallo Sihui

I run OH2 online Distro on a Odroid U3. I am able to connect to my knx bus und control all the lights via the Basic UI.
But what do i have to do, to control them via Alexa? Don´t the items have do be things? I can´t find any manual, how to connect knx items to a channel, because in the paper ui i don´t see the knx items and in the habmin ui i see them, but can´t do anything.

How familiar are you with habmin?


No idea, never used Alexa.

I’m using it. It’s the most important tool for dealing with zwave devices.

No. Start with the basic concept to understand how openHAB works:

Hi Sihui

thx for your quick respond.

To habmin: If I want a chart of my temperatures, i can choose the items that I want. To get a chart, i do have to click on the camera icon on the top right corner. After some minutes i get a chart, but as soon as i go to another page and back, the chart is gone and i have to click to the camera icon again.

I read through the whole thing concept a few, but I think, i have no idea where the answer is.

I have a lot of knx items, how do i connect them to things and channels, because as knx is a 1,x binding, autodiscovery wont work.


Not at all: you have to do it the old fashioned way like in openHAB1:

Sorry, never have used charts …

Hi Sihui

as i mentioned, all the items work in the basic ui. I did it the old way with the smart home designer (didn´t change a lot from my old 1,8 installation), but for exampe, how do i connect, the knx items, to some auto discovered things like a onkyo avr?

The whole items, things, channels and where do i have to work with all these stuff (paper ui, habmin, designer) is very confusing to my, but I am only a user, not a programmer.


openHAB2 “things” have to be connected through channels to items. And if you have items, you can do the same with them as you did before in openHAB1.
You should be able to use your rules from openHAB1 without any modifications.
Read through
and it should become clearer.

Same for me :slight_smile:


I have Install Openhabian image on my raspberry pi 3 Model B
all the package are install also addons.
in /etc/opehhab2/services there are 3 confg file knx, addon and runtime.
I have update my knx config file with ip gateway, Tunnel and all necessary for knx binding
but I could’t install knx binding on paper ui or anything.

so kindly provide the walk through how to coonect my knx automation to openhab.



if anybody have pre configured Image for raspseberry pi with knx binding kindly share link for the same


You need to go to the “Bindings” tab and then hit install next to the knx binding:

knx binding install. thanks
now how can discover my devices on openhab