Openhab 2 omnilink both 2.4.0 Problem with two omnilink controllers

I downloaded from ( since I could not figure out how to use the eclipse marketplace. It wanted me to drag and drop onto an eclipse browser. Which I don’t think I have). So I got the jar instead from the other site.

I followed the post by broconne:

Create an omnilink.things in your things folder and put in it the following:
Bridge omnilink:controller:home [ ipAddress="", port=4369, key1="", key2=""] {}
After that auto-discovery should work.

Well it does. I have about 120 Things.

But for id, they give something like omnilink:zone:9c8ed978:65.
You will see above I had used Bridge omnilink:controller:home

When I look in ConfigurationThings I have
Then the next thing id

In Config>System, autoIgnore is on and ItemLinking is off.

I seem to have two instances of omnilink controller running.

What I am I doing wrong?

If I convert channels to items either automatically or manually, can I then use the item id directly in a sitemap or rules without having an .items file?

Using W10 openhab2 omnilink both 2.4.0

Supplementary: I tried to find source code for omnilink 2.4.0 and 2.5.0. Looking in pom.xml, I could only find 2.2.0. Is source code accessible? What is 2.5.0?

Install the Eclipse IoT Marketplace from the Misc tab in PaperUI.

Search for “Omnilink” in the Bindings tab. Click “Install”

You don’t convert Channels to Items. You link Items to Channels. But yes, not only can you then use the Item in your sitemap or Rules, but you can only use Items in your sitemap and Rules. Ultimately, the ID of the Thing only matters until you link it to an Item with a meaningful name (e.g. Livingroom_Lamp).

You do not have to use .items files. You can create and link Items entirely within PaperUI. But if you have Simple Mode turned on, PaperUI will hide the Items menu from you. Turn it off.

Because this isn’t a merged binding, the answers to the rest of your questions will probably have to come from the GitHub project where it is hosted. These marketplace bindings are not actually a part of the openHAB project at all so we have little insight into how they are updated and maintained or how to configure and use them.

It looks a little bit like autodiscovery discovered the controller too. So the question is

Thanks for your help.

The last bit of your post got chopped off.

But yes, it looks like it is discovering the Bridge automatically and labelling it 9c8ed978 then reading the .things file and making another calling it ‘home’ as I intended. I have been deleting the omnilink Binding and reloading it to try to make any ‘history’ go way.

I have the Insteon bridge working nicely. If I have a .things & .items file, it seems to load those first and then use discovery to add any missing things/items. That is what I hoped would happen with omnilink.

I been trying to find the original source code or omnilink 2.4.0. I found this at QuailAutomation/openhab2-addons. Or some way to get closer to the authors.

Looking in pom.xml, it has 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT. Could this be the author did not check it in. Or do you know of a source for omniLink 2.4.0?

How do you do a preview of this markup. I just see a Reply button.

There should be s “preview” option somewhere. I’m at a computer at the moment so the preview is just there.

I’m honestly skeptical that a 2.2 SNAPSHOT version of a binding will run on a 2.4 or 2.5MX version of OH. There have been numerous changes to the core that could cause problems. If the name is correct, this binding was built almost two years ago.

It’s not part of OH so I have no clue where the source code resides or whether it’s actively being maintained. That github project you linked to has not had any activity since May of 2018. All of the issues raised in the past year remain un-replied to. This repo is a direct fork of the official repo so it looks to be the original source of the binding. By all appearances it looks like it’s an abandoned project.

But, it’s able to do the automatic discovery so it has to be working to some extent.

I recommend abandoning the .things files. Install the binding through the Eclipse IoT Marketplace like I described above. Let OH automatically discover the controller. When you accept it from the Inbox you are given the option to replace the random string with your own name. Then let it discover your other devices. Then link the Channels to Items and keep your fingers crossed.

I downloaded the jar version of 2.4.0 and that is what I am using. But I was hoping I could find its source code too.

“Let OH automatically discover the controller. When you accept it from the Inbox you are given the option to replace the random string with your own name.”

I will try that. I had noticed that you can use your own name.

Thanks again for your time.

Hi @robinh !

Glad to have another omnilink binding user!

We have a thread running with many of the issues running on a common thread that may help you. Please check out the HAI omnilink binding for Openhab 2.0 thread. We may have answered a few of your questions there.

I am not a developer but we have a couple of talents that have been instrumental in bringing this binding to a semi-current state. Admittedly, there isn’t much activity lately but the current state of the binding has been generally okay as is.

If I can help, please let me know. Again, I’m not a developer but I have been playing with this bindiing (and OH) for quite some time and I can probably help point you in a direction if you need help.