OpenHAB 2 on a Synology DS 116

Hi guys,
since I read the first time about openHAB I am totally motivated to try it out. I bought few days ago a philips hue. This should be my first project. I installed on my DS116 Java 8 and I installed OpenHAB-2.0.0-beta3-DSM6-syno-noarch-0.001.spk.

First I had some problems with file permission so I run chmod 777 * -R on OpenHAB2 directory.
After starting the script ./ I am getting just a “Now Launching the openHAB runtime…” and not more. I already installed OpenHAB a couple of times and tried few things.

Could somebody give me a tip what I could do next to come a little bit closer to the next step?

Thanks a lot