Openhab 2 ON/OFF icons Basic and Classic UI not working

I have a current OH1 working environment with customized on / off icons (typically presence-on.png and presence-off.png).
These icons are ported on OH2 in the config/icons/classic directory but are not working with both Classic and Basic UI (only the default presence.png is working but is not changing with the status of the item )
Am-I doing something wrong with OH2, is it another configuration method or is this feature not working with OH2 anymore?
Thanks Robert

What do you have selected for the icon type, SVG or Bitmap? To use PNG you must be using Bitmap. There used to be a setting in PaperUI but I can’t seem to find it any longer. Maybe it doesn’t matter any more?

I think I remember this from way back when I wrote the OH 1.x to 2.x migration tutorial but maybe it was after since I don’t talk about it in the tutorial. I don’t think you can use the name of icons that come with OH by default. Try creating something like “mypresence.png”, “mypresence-on.png”, and “mypresence-off.png” and see if those work.

Also, as with OH 1.x, the icons with those names will only work on a Switch Item.

Spot on. The icon provider looks in the default/builtin library before the custom folder.

So you cannot use the same filenames as any of these (hover to get name in tooltip)

Classic UI and Basic UI are configured with Bitmap / png
I use a switch item defined as burner with as self-made icon burner.png, burner-off.png and burner-on.png, with 32x32 pixels .
Only burner.png works
icons directory



ClassicUI ON


BasicUI ON

After checking my configuration, the link to channel and after restarting OH2 a few times and refreshing my browser, it finally works.

Sorry about this topic but I confirm now that the Basic and Classic UI are working such as with OH1 by adding *-on.png and *-off.png as classic icon
I also verified that both UI’s are working with the OH2 default icons