OpenHAB 2 stops responding in Safari

I have an issue where Safari on my Macbook Air will not load any UI from OpenHab (which is also running on a Mac Mini.) I am using Openhab 2 beta 4.

I can be in BasicUI and click something and the loading bar in the UI just keeps running. If I refresh, it never loads. If I try go back to the dashboard, or PaperUI or Habpanel, they never load either. I normally have to close and open Safari to get it working again. I can’t close that tab and open another.

The strange thing is I can access it fine if I use Chrome. I can also access other ‘servers’ on the same Mac on different ports, such as Plex and Transmission, using Safari. It’s hard to troubleshoot, but it seems like it is waiting for something to load. It doesn’t go to a 404 page, and I don’t get a “Server is not responding page” either.

Any ideas?

On a side note: Where are issues for Openhab 2? I can’t seem to find OpenHab 2 on github.

This seems to have been resolved by updating to a SNAPSHOT rather than using Beta 4.

Here you can see where to log your issues: