openHab 2.x roadmap

While I like the ideas & discussions around OH 3 and what all might be coming in future I wonder what are the plans for the OH 2.x stream? With all the OH 3 discussions I feel this will be not a 2019 topic - for users.

Is there any plan to release a 2.5, 2.6?

My production system is still on 2.3 but I like to upgrade. 2.4 does not work for me since I like to use the new MQTT 2 binding. That got some important fixes after 2.4 release. So I need to experiment with 2.5 snapshot builds :frowning:


I don‘t know about the roadmap, but you should be able to mix a newer version of MQTT with OH 2.4 (uninstall from addons.cfg or PaperUI, drop the new binding in the addons folder).

Another option you have is using the Milestone builds. Most of the important MQTTv2 fixes made it into that build.

I can’t speak for the devs but I believe the idea for 2.x is to focus on bug fixes, changes to the core that simplifies the baseline, and focusing on the backlog of 50 bindings that are awaiting review for inclusion into the baseline.

Sweeping and breaking changes would be reserved for oh 3.

But one thing to keep in mind is the binding developers are not limited to this. They can decide when and if to make sweeping and breaking changes to their bindings at any time.

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Thx all, while I’m ok to use snapshot versions of the one or other binding als for my final house system. I’m not sure if I will use milestone OH builds here. I guess I will wait for the next 2.5 Mx build, after all this ESH merging has been done and will let it run on my test system for a while.

Do you know when 2.5.0 M2 is getting released?

Probably not in the next 60 days. You can follow the progress by watching the openhab2-addons repository while it is being migrated to the new build system: If everything has been moved from “addons/” to “bundles/” the next milestone will very likely be released.


The main issue is that the release/milestone build needs to be updated for all changes: