openHAB 3.0 Release discussion

Funny, you did all that:

without using any

Otherwise you are not sticking to YOUR posted rules. There is simply no solution, hence the straight forward suggestion of of Rich.

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This is neither pleasant nor helpful @opus.

No need to shout. Yes, i did all the above using GUI, however difficult you may find that to believe. Why do you doubt my post?

Incorrect - there is a simple solution - I posted it above to be helpful just in case anyone else might need it.

What suggestion would that be? Did you misread my suggestion that he quoted as his suggestion? As I said in my post, I couldn’t find any information in Rich’s post that was useful to help me address my issue, just opinion. As Rich said, “… IMO …”.

I feel really warmly received by you both. But despite the hostility, I’m not intending to leave.

First of all, all it takes to be a foundation member is donating money to the foundation. It means nothing more.

And yes I do know how discouraging my comment is. It was meant to be. Do you know how many man weeks worth of support is waisted on this forum trying to help people who refuse to learn how to do the simplest of administration and debugging steps like doing ssh and looking at the logs? I still maintain that if you are unwilling to do or learn how to do theses simple steps, a commercial offering that is simpler and less capable is a better fit. Because at some point something will go wrong or there will be something you can’t figure out how to do. And when that time comes you won’t even be able to gather the information we need to help.


that is what I do but would like to avoid.
Openhabian let you install frontail and the new UI has some event viewer but debugging it is still not as intergrated into Openhab UI as I would love to have. This is indeed a hurdle even if you can take it.

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The amount of times I get asked ‘how do I clear the cache’. Jeez, just google it :roll_eyes:
I hate being rude and ignoring people, but… only when you are on the other side you realise just how frustrating it is.

You can literally find out how to do most things with openhab with a quick search, the only real thing I have to ask anything about now is on the development side, although the content on that’s side is growing too.

Well, I suppose you prefer popups that say unknown error has occured? :slight_smile:
With openhab you can go as deep as time alows. In effect this is the “cost” part.
ssh is a standard that one better be familiar with for easy, quick and effective remedy. That is the case for both setup and debugging.

There are only so many nice ways to say RTFM.


@Bruce_Osborne is Zwave not working in latest snapshots? Loaded up 2530 today and although all showing online nothing working. Will look at debug tomorrow

Are you referring to the latest 3.1.0 snapshot? As far as I know it should be working.

The binding was last successfully built 18 hr ago. It appears the last snapshot was 14 hr ago.

As far as I know there have been no recent 3.0.x SNAPSHOTS.

I just pulled the latest 3.1.0 SNAPSHOT from Docker and it is 3.1.0 build 2356 .

Where are you finding 2530?

Sorry typo, 2350 from couple days ago.
I’ll check out debug tomorrow see what’s going on now I know it should be ok :+1:

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I just upgraded from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 without any problems. By running the QNAP Container Station (docker front-end) you can do the upgrade fully GUI based, in theory. Still, I have to fully agree here with @rikoshak that it does not make sense to run a powerful “Smart-Home meta-solution” like OpenHAB without the effort to dig into various skills and tools that you just need to do your basic maintenance. This is not a Google/IOS App on your mobile phone, it is a complex and extremely powerful solution that brings different worlds of home automation together. With OpenHAB 3 the developers did an amazing step forward to bring everything together in one consistent UI, still you will hardly get around opening an SSH connection when you upgrade or change configuration.

Simplest example are the logs. I would never run an upgrade or any configuration change without having a “tail -f” running on the log in parallel, otherwise you will hardly realize any problems, typos, mistakes that you made.

Something (kind of) different:

Somewhere else, I think in a discussion around new features, I recently read a statement of an OpenHAB maintainer that they would focus on what brings most value for users, which is: reliability of the solution. I was very happy to read this because, despite having lots of wishes for new features myself, I completely agree. Tons of fancy features are useless if OpenHAB crashes or causes problems / inconsistencies every few weeks. A solution like OpenHAB has to run for months and more without a reboot and without issues. You can ask the top 10 software companies on this planet how extremely difficult it is to achieve that.

I was very hesitant to upgrade from my very stable OH 2.5.6 to OH 3. OH 3 introduced so many changes that usually a x.0 version “cannot” be that stable. Still, around 5-6 weeks ago I finally did the step and upgraded to 3.0.1. And I have to say I was amazed how smooth everything went. Also, I did not have a single operational / stability issue with 3.0.1 so far (the “forgetting rules” issue when touching .items files is annoying but manageable at the moment; the rest is simple UI bugs that do not impact stability).

What do I want to say?
Just a very big thank you to all OpenHAB maintainers for a fantastic job done with OpenHAB 3. It is a huge step forward and I simply love it. At the same time, even the current “dot zero” version is very stable already which is absolutely remarkeable. Great job done, and looking forward to 3.1 and more!


I just packaged 3.0.2 as a qpkg too for QNAP (and a recent 3.1.0 snapshot) in my git repo to make it even easier for QNAP owners (I really struggle with docker :roll_eyes: although I do run @Schnuecks version of frontail in it)

I don’t think people realise just how many man hours go into providing this software for them, at ZERO cost unless they donate. Only now developing myself do I fully understand. So yes, thanks all :+1:

I just have a couple niggles with z-wave but haven’t looked too deep yet

Thanks for packaging V3.0.2 as a QPKG, I’m sure people will be thankful for this service. Personally I prefer the docker approach. Much easier for me to backup and fall-back in case of unexpected upgrade issues but this is a matter of personal preference, I guess.

Good that you mentioned the donation, I completely forgot about this option for a long time, shame on me, and I just took this as an opportunity to donate. Can only recommend to everyone to do the same, it is an outstanding piece of software and service that we get here, and we get it for free.

ok, i’m lost …
I did not see the information about the repo changes until today. So how would I update 3.0.1 to 3.0.2, using openHABian-config?
The announcement mentions to ‘use the usual menu’ to switch to the stable branch again (after April).
Which menu is this? (Re-)selecting the Stable branch (in Menu 01) did not change anything.

Sorry for my ignorance and thanks for your help.

Option 40->41, should do it (I think). I’ll clarify in my post.

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01 - is used to switch between openhabian-config branches
41 - is used to switch between openhab branches

There just was an update for openhabian-config so that the bintray repo is pointing to the correct location.

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The Breaking Changes link doesn‘t work anymore :frowning:


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Thanks, the search didn‘t showed that thread and it appears to be in no category?