openHab 3.0 RemoteopenHab pointing at openHab 2.5


I am testing using an OH3 openhabian front end to my current OH2.5 using the remoteopenHab binding as a first step in moving to OH3 rather than a big bang upgrade.

All is working well particularly the sematic model. While working through the linking I just noticed that the channels displayed from the 2.5 instance when linking channels are only those linked to items on the 2.5 instance not all channels on the thing.

My final intention is to use some remote V3 hubs for some things and was hoping not to spend time creating items and linking channels on the remote hubs.

Possibly this is not going to be possible but not sure if this behaviour is a bug or just a feature due to the way things work and displaying all channels is not possible unless they are linked to items. Any thoughts?



My understanding is only the Items are exposed. That makes sense because Items are created for those channels you wish to monitor or control.

Move everything that will work in OH3

If you have 1x bindings then do it the way you have been.

Yes that makes sense but there is logic to have both ways.

  • For my migration it is great because only the items of interest are shown.
  • When I create the remote hubs which I want to keep ultra simple it would be good if it did not need the items.

Either way it is not a big deal and is working well.

Most will shift but I will leave some items on the existing hub and upgrade in place. Just can’t take the risk of issues with the automation during the holidays. Would cause family annoyance and probable injury to me.

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If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

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To answer to the initial question: yes this is a feature and the principle behind this binding.


Many thanks for confirming.