OpenHAB 3.0 successful, but always start into 2.5 (openhabian)

It seemed that my upgrade to OH3.0 worked well. No error messages etc. But openhabian always starts openHAB 2.5. Wht did I wrong?

Can you explain this?
Maybe a screenshot?
I believe you are talking about the logo that comes after loggin into ssh, correct?
On which branch of openhabian are you?

You are right. It comes after logging in via ssh.
I am (was ?) on the latest branch of 2.5 (11 or something). I am currently not at my computer.

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I have added some screenshots. There you can see what I did. That is when I started:

Then I made some changes:

And then I got this:

And I cannot connect to the IP address mentioned here (that is the one of my raspi) :

I have no idea what to do.

Sudo openhabian-config
And select with space bar the Oh3 branch.
Then reboot
Nothing change but openhab3 will appear on startup ssh

I did that sevetal times, but that didn’t change anything.

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dpkg -l |grep openhab

shows that openhab and not openhab2 is installed, right ?
What about the java version ?
Running the command

java -version

does it show that java 11 ( zulu ) is the standard java version ?
If that is not the case change the java version using openhabian-config.

That only puts openHABian into OH3 “mode” but will not update OH
Use menu option 03.

Hi all,
thanks for all your answers, but I did all this already. I will go the other way and do a fresh installation on a second Pi.
Curious how this will work.

BR, Harpo

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