Openhab 3.0 users


I slowly building my automation interface with Openhab 3.0 and Wago PLC. It works great, but recently I started to wonder what is username and password in the OH Android App. I know I can add users in OH console and it works great. I can login to Paper UI and have different roles for different users but I would like to have authentication in Android App. And I am a bit confused, because when I put login and password application is stopping to work. It doesnt load sitemaps and says somthing about ssl cert. Can somebody help me figure it out?

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First, there is no PaperUI in OH 3. There is MainUI.

The username and password in the Android app is used when your openHAB is behing a reverse proxy that adds additional authentication. For example, if you are using and have the Cloud Connector add-on installed, you would use your credentials for the Remote connection. If you have your openHAB exposed to the Internet through nginx or Apache you would use the username and password you configured there.

If you’ve modified the authentication settings in MainUI, you might need to use a username and password even for the local connection.