OpenHAB 3.1 / Needs restart every 72 hours to work again

Hi team,

I am running a Raspberry Pi 4 with OpenHAB 3.1 for quite a while now. Have lots of Shelly devices connected to it which are mostly used via Homekit and Alexa gateway. However, for 10 days now, after approx 72 hours, the gateways for Homekit and Alexa are not found anymore. It turns out that I also cannot reach the Openhab page via web browser anymore either.

As soon as I have the device rebooted via Terminal (Mac), everything works as expected again.

Unfortunately I am kind of a newbie on the raspberry, so not sure how I could read log files to understand and troubleshoot the issue.


do you use a fixed IP address for your OH instance ?
Can you ping the host ?
Do you have a monitor / keyobard connected to your OH instance ?

Hi Wolfgang,

yes I do have a fixed IP address. I could ping it once it was not reachable via web anymore.

In the current instance I have noticed that the Amazon Alexa connection is not working anymore. If it works like last days, then soon Homekit will stop working as well as the web page :8080.

Unfortunately I don’t have a keyboard/monitor connected, could probably organize a pair though.

Many thanks,

I have also same issue any suggestion for this issue so please reply. Thanks in advance.

as you wrote you can ping the Pi it might not be necessary to connect keyboard/monitor in case you can ssh into the Pi. Is that possible ?

Hi Wolfgang,

yes I can access the raspberry via SSH on my Mac, so even when HK, Alexa and the web page are not accessible anymore, I can reach it via SSH.


I had a similar problem. Then I found there was a problem with the Gardena addon, which seems to have a memory leak under circumstances. So after a few days running, RAM was full and the OOM killer of the kernel started killing processes, which caused very strange behaviour.
So, did you check the syslog for error messages?

have a look at /var/log/openhab/openhab.log file then.
e.g. with command

more /var/log/openhab/openhab.log

you can have a look at the file’s content from the start and ‘scroll’ through the content.
Or use

tail -1000 /var/log/openhab/openhab.log

to have a look to the last 1000 rows in the file.

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Many thanks Wolfgang! This is the first time where I am able to open the log files, much appreciated.

Had a look in it and see a massive amount of ERROR messages due to a removed Zigbee USB stick. Indeed I think I have removed this stick more than a week ago - maybe those error messages were flooding the system? Have deleted the binding now and will restart the system and monitor again.

Thanks so far,

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See here as this may help you monitor the heap size that openhab uses.

OH3.1 out of memory error - Setup, Configuration and Use / Runtime - openHAB Community