openHAB 3.1: Philips Hue binding problems

Hello to the forum,
I want to integrate a Philips Hue bridge (the square shaped one) into my openHAB 3.1 installation. The discovery of the bridge was successful and I added the bridge as thing and created a new user by pressing the connection button. The IP-address also is correct.
Also all bulbs and bulb groups were discovered ans added successfully - so far so good.

There are NO channels shown in the Philips hue devices things tabs - nether in the bridge, nor in the bulbs or groups :frowning:
So my question(s):

  • Is there a special “trick” that let me show up the channels?
  • Is there another way to control the Philips hue devices?
  • Did I something wrong when adding the Philips hue devices?

Regards from Germany