openHAB 3.3 Milestone discussion

I “solved” it with changing:

log:set ERROR org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.utils.ResourceUtils

in karaf Shell

(I also had set this in OH 3.2.0)

@Kai there are two small typos in your release notes… (3.3 to 3.2 and compatible)

“openHAB 3.3 is fully backward compatibility to openHAB 3.3 setups”

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@Kai it is still wrong… it should be “openHAB 3.3 is fully backward compatible to openHAB 3.2 setups” (compatible not compatibility)

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After upgrade to openHAB 3.3.0 Release Build - Sonos binding don’t work,
And I can’t see the BasicUI, only OpenHABian Help

Are you shure to have the binding installed ? I just tested with my PLAY:ONE, which is working flawless.

Yes, the binding is installed.
After upgrade I must start the bindings manually over the karaf console, all other bindings start
only the Sonos binding.

There seems to be somesting wrong with your installation. I do not have to start any binding or bundle manually. Is your Sonos binding installed via UI or addons-folder ?
You could try to uninstall the Sonos binding and reinstall ist again.

The Sonos binding is installed via UI, I will try to reinstall the Sonos binding.

Sound as if it could be related to this…

No, unrelated. I already asked, Binding was installed via UI.

I have not reinstalled the Sonos binding but I have reinstalled the BasicUI.
After that the Sonos binding is working and I can also see the BasicUI (see my first post).

@Kai the comment above did not reach the release notes (breaking change) it seems. Can you please add it?

@ssalonen We have a section about stricter configuration validation in the release notes, see Release openHAB 3.3.0 · openhab/openhab-distro · GitHub. Do you think that needs any addition?

Yes please @Kai, see the post I replied to with a suggested note targeting modbus specifically. EDIT: copy pasting here

openHAB 3.3 enforces more strict configuration validation that might invalidate previously valid textual modbus configuration. As a result, manual corrections might be needed for data things defined in things configuration file.

Previously textual config accepted “unsigned” writeValueTypes such “uint16”. These are no longer accepted in openHAB 3.3.

Replace the writeValueType as follows with openHAB 3.3:

  • uint16 with int16
  • uint32 with int32
  • uint32_swap with int32_swap
  • uint64 with int64
  • uint64_swap with int64_swap

Despite the change in parameter value, the behavior is exactly the same as before.

Note that things defined in MainUI require no change. Also note that readValueType parameter requires no change.

Even though the release notes explain the root cause, I can imagine it is not very actionable for novice modbus users. With the note it should be clear what to do.


@ssalonen I’ve added a Modbus section with this info to the release notes.

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Looks good. Much appreciated!

Is it working now?
I’m having same problem with Sonos binding.
any ideas?

When installing addon I see this error:
[ERROR] [g.sonos.internal.SonosHandlerFactory] - bundle org.openhab.binding.sonos:3.3.0 (274)[org.openhab.binding.sonos.internal.SonosHandlerFactory(373)] : Error during instantiation of the implementation object: Unable to get service for reference $001

And when installing thing this error:
[.thing.internal.GenericThingProvider] - No ThingHandlerFactory found for thing sonos:One:RINCON_XXXXXXXX (thing-type is sonos:One). Deferring initialization.

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Having lots of issues as well. No bindings seem to initialize properly except the manually added ones in the addon folder.

I don’t think I have ever for 8 years been able to simply “upgrade” OpenHAB… Sure addons etc can break but it would really be preferable if that addon would be forced off rather than crash thew whole of OpenHAB every single time.

Let’s see if I figure this out. I’m already furious from my Z-wave network commiting suicide in the middle of the night for who the hell knows why. Might just go live in the woods for a while.

Edit: Apparently removing one random binding got everything rolling again? I just removed chromecast binding and added it again and everything loads fine? Happy for that, but wtf.

I had several ZWave hiccups with milestones, the release upgrade was trouble free