openHAB 3.3 Release discussion

Ok this did it, got confused with the naming…
Thanks a lot

I followed the procedure, the Netatmo account comes online after a disble/enable.
But in the log I get the following :
“Error gettting Home informations : Rest call failed: statusCode=INVALID_TOKEN_MISSING, message=Invalid access token”
In the gui from dev/netatmo I saw all rights enabled, so what am I missing ?

Thanks a lot

Read the chapter “Configure the bridge” In the documentation.

The Netatmo API allows dimming the light intensity of the Presence cameras.
Could this also be enabled in the binding?


with the existing account (the one from openhab 3.2.0) it gives the error.
When I create a new app on and use this one. It works like a charm.
So I will keep this config.
Thanks a lot

I am getting the following issue after upgraded to 3.3 stable. Any idea what’s the problem? Thanks

openhab> feature:install openhab-core-io-transport-mqtt
Error executing command: Error:
	Error downloading mvn:org.eclipse.jetty.websocket/websocket-api/9.4.43.v20210629
	Error downloading mvn:org.eclipse.jetty/jetty-proxy/9.4.43.v20210629
	Error downloading mvn:org.eclipse.jetty/jetty-io/9.4.43.v20210629
	Error downloading mvn:org.eclipse.jetty/jetty-client/9.4.43.v20210629
	Error downloading mvn:org.eclipse.jetty.websocket/websocket-common/9.4.43.v20210629
	Error downloading mvn:org.eclipse.jetty.websocket/websocket-client/9.4.43.v20210629
	Error downloading mvn:org.eclipse.jetty/jetty-util/9.4.43.v20210629
	Error downloading mvn:org.eclipse.jetty/jetty-http/9.4.43.v20210629


is the problem with node-red fix? I haven’t updated to 3.3.0 since my rule engine wasn’t working anymore when I upgraded.

Thank you

It’s not a problem with node red. The node you are using is deprecated and the node red node maintainer has stopped updating it.
You have to replace that node with a new one.
This one:

You’ll have to redo all flows. Or, you can backup all of the flows, delete them all, replace the name of each node with the name of the replacement (e.g.: add openhab3) and import them again.

weird thing is I tried that node and it was working like 1 time. When the workflow is initiated, it work but after that, it doesn’t receive any update. Is there some kind of dependancy between the latest version of this node and the fact I’m not on latest version of openhab?

No, im using it as well, no issue. Are you sure you’re using that node? Have you tried to create a test flow and check if you have the same behavior??

I’m currently retrying. I removed it about a month ago because it wasn’t working properly. I was doing a new workflow, tested the node that I had previously imported and it was working. So I did all of my new workflow with it but found out the value wasn’t updating. When I put back the old one, it was working thus I stick with it.

For now, it seems to be working on the test workflow I created. I’ll update the thousands of node I have and migrate after… gonna be a long night!

Read this thread:

Myself and a friend did that some months ago. Didn’t take long at all.
Export flows, delete them all, open in notepad, find and replace, paste the name of the old node and add the “2”, since that’s the only difference between all nodes.
At the end if I remember correctly you’ll have to openHAB and close each one, but it took me about 30 minutes tops.
And I have a fairly sizable number of flows as well…

O_O!!! holy shit, thank you!

I can see my issue was resolved in #37

maybe my node wasn’t up to date

well, wasn’t as easy as that. Found out I had to switch payload.state to payload and payload.type to event. But also, each in node had to be reattached, script modified and all link in/out node stopped working. I also had to double-click each node and close them for them to work (it showed a modified icon when doing so and that make them work and it was more then just openhab node). When I found out that, I started doing it by hand again, less job in the end.

For real?
I didn’t have that much work. But regardless, happy for you to get it working :slight_smile:
The dev of that node is super nice as well, make sure to drop him a message :slight_smile: he was super helpful in getting his node back in working order. He definitely deserves a shout out.