OpenHab 3.3 / Sky q receiver binding / Sky q mini

Hello team

here is a short request
I’m a beginner and I have a little problem.

Hardware or software used.
Raspberry 400
connected LAN
OpenHabian ( last download v3.3.0 )

Fritz box ( download via OpenHab )
FritzDect 200
iPhone XI
Last IOS

HomeKit integration (download via OpenHab)
Fritz box ( download via OpenHab )
Sky Q Receiver (download via OpenHab)

my sky q receiver is answering correct, but sky q mini did not answer.
how i can bring also my my sky q mini to work ??

errormessage ( thing ) error:comm / not reachable.

sky q mini is working corret ( both of them ), connected to receiver.

did i forgot something to configure ? can this be wrong with this binding ? did i need an other binding for sky q mini ?
did anyone of you got this to work?

Kind regards
Balu the bear