OpenHab 3.4 on windows 10 and network binding


I am struggling my way in starting openhab. I run it on a windows 10 machine. OpenHAB 3.4.0

Now I added the network binding to get ping and arp for a couple of devices.

In the manual it says that for arping I have to use window: arp-ping.
I downloaded the arp-ping.exe en put it in the c:\OpenHAB directory.
In the network.cfg I made the line:\OpenHAB
But still on the thing property it says: * arp_state Unknown arping tool .

Can anyone help me: Where do I have to punt arp-ping.exe en how should I change network.cfg?

I do not use Windows to host OH thus my interpretation of the docs are more of theoretical nature …
As far as I read the docs you only need to make a configuration entry if the arpping differs from the default name.
Thus I would try following:

  • put the executable into a path that is known system wide ( on directory that is already part of the PATH environment variable )
  • if that does not work create a copy of the executable and name it arpping.exe instead of arp-ping.exe
  • if that does not work just put the name of the executable into the cfg file
  • as last resort if would also put the pathname into the file
  • as far as I understand the doc the path including the file name needs to be entered not just the name
  • I have not looked into the code could be that / instead of \ need to be used