Openhab 3 Addons 2.x

Hello, i just upgraded to 3.0 stable via 2.5 and i cant find any button how to enable to use older addons(2.x)

can somebody help?

thanks a lot!

2.x addons are not compatible with OH3. They have to be recompiled against new API. There is no compatybility layer.

The only way to use v1 or v2 addons is to run an OH2 instance and use the remoteopenhab binding to display & control the OH2 Items in OH3.

Aha…and is there anyway to run a instance of 3.0 and 2.5 at the same raspberry the same time?


I actually have them both running in Docker but I had to change the ports on one of them.
I do not think you can have them both running on the same Pi natively.

can you please tell me how you installed it in parallel with docker?

i mean the steps

you used for example:
openhabian+docker after?
rasbian + docker with 2 installations of openhab?
or what?also if you have any guides feel free to share them if you dont mind :slight_smile:

thanksa lot

What are you running now and what type of hardware? What bindings are you currently using?

I am really no Docker expert but I am learning.

May I ask a short question here (instead of a new thread): Have all 2.x bindings been ported to OH3? Is there a list? I’ve been searching a lot but can’t find any information…
I can understand @minoanson, it is not super clear from the blog post and announcements that 2.x bindings don’t work without a port…


Actually, the above is v1 to v2 to v3. For a list of v3 bindings just go to the add-ons section in the UI, or here:

I think I agree. If you care about the technicalities:

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All bindings that were included in the official OH2 distribution are of course available in the OH3 distribution.
Only exceptions are few UIs that were removed / replaced and the embedded MQTT broker.


Thanks guys! I was trying to see if the Nuki binding got ported since I didn’t find it in the above list and I know it was unmaintained for a while…

Sorry for the thread hijack @minoanson!

I miss the Weather binding included in OH2, so not all are available in OH3. When will weather included?

That is a v1 binding. you can either move to other choices or set up an OH2 instance to run that binding & use the remoteopenhab binding to get those Items available for OH3.

AFAIK there have never been plans to port the weather binding to OH3.