OpenHab 3 blank page

Platform information:

  • Hardware: Rasp pi 4
  • OS: openhabian 3.0.1

I installed openHab 3 and I can access to the main page of the openHab by the local IP:

I can access via my phone and via winsows PC and everything is good.
My problem is that I cannot access via my android tablet (7.0) - I get a blank screen forever (via chrome).
The android version is : 7.0
Because of that I cannot access the HabPanel that required login in the main UI.
Is there any solution for this? Or I should replace the tablet :frowning: ?



Could be because of android 7 and chrome
Try with firefox or Opera

I also have that issue on chromium on a raspberry.

Same for me.
Its working fine on windows machines and Raspberry Pi 3’s, but not on a Raspberry Pi 4 with both Chromium and Dillo.

Installing Firefox ESR fixed this issue for me.