OpenHab 3 Cloud - Self hosted, anyone?

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has set this up and if its LESS of a nightmare than the openhab 2 cloud when self hosting?


Hi Kris

I will maybe do once in the future, but currently it’s to early to think about it.


It’s the same cloud server for both so imagine it’s the same. But if course if you’ve already set it up there is nothing you need to do.

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Rich, not sure I follow but pretty sure the cloud front end is not the same.

@rlkoshak relplied that the cloud server/service is still the same.
You can check that by having a look to there is just a minor change between OH2 and OH3. Looks like it is related to copyright messages.

what is the background of your question ? what would you like to know ? Could it be that there is a missunderstanding because of the wording that you used ?

What i meant was that it is the same. Cloud Server has not changed for OH 3.

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Thanks Wolfgang/Rich, OK, clearly the info I had was wrong. Glad its not changed!!

So I can use my existing Cloud Server deployment to connect to OH3 instances - awesome!