Openhab 3 Configuration Migration

Hey there, I recently did the OpenHAB 3 upgrade for testing and it migrated my configuration from OpenHAB 2.5 to the new version. Then I went back to OpenHAB 2.5 and did further changes on my configurations and Bindings and Sitemaps. Now I want to finally migrate to OpenHAB 3 but this time it did not copy any confirguration already done on OpenHAB 2.5 into OpenHAB 3. I tried to run backups on the old version to reimport this on the new version , but this does not seem to work anymore as it reports a permission error on /usr/backup. Is there a way to reinitiate the configuration migration which was done initially?


it’s triggered by the postinst script of the openhab package, IIRC that creates a file /var/lib/openhab/.copy-to-OH3 or similar (it’s from memory). Delete that and it’ll migrate again on next pkg install.

Hi Markus tried this, but does not bring the migration piece up again. Any other idea?