OpenHab 3: Docker disk utilization

Hi all,

As I failed to migrate my OH2.5.11 (Openhabian) to OH 3.0 stable (docker), I decided to take this as an opportunity to create everything from scratch. I faced all the time the issue, that the disk utilization got a huge peak up to 100 % - I thought, it has some issues within my rules, items, etc. and starting from scratch is a chance to correct mistakes from the past.

I installed OH3.0 stable at Docker on a Synology with the following bindings:

  • Amazon Echo Control
  • Astro Binding
  • Harmony Hub
  • Homatic Binding
  • MQTT Binding
  • NTP Binding
  • Shelly Binding
  • Weather Company Binding

Afterwards I run through the initial set-up process and configured MQTT and the Homematic Binding afterwards (only set IP of Brocker / Bridge). I copied for some MQTT items *.thing files from old system to the new system.
Further my system discovered ~100 things in the inbox, which I started to add (nice if you have to do it again, when they are set up in OH2.5 already - thanks for having to screens close by) to the system.

Not more - no rules, no transformation - nothing, pure standard. And again, I got high disk utilization (100 % for many minutes) which fully blocks all activities at the disk station.


If I shut down the OpenHab container, everything went back to normal.
Within the docker installation, I also have containers for zigBee2Mqtt, Mosquitto, Unifi-Controller, which run smoothly, as long as OpenHab is not started.

Does someone have a clue, where I should start to dig? Is there a general command, which I could enable to have Debug in the log. Just to apply for every add-on (or however it is called) seems not really practical to me, as the list which I get with list -s is quite huge.

Thanks for hints and tricks in advance.

Is it only me, who have this issue?

As nobody is answering, I found the solution by my own. It was leak of memory of the system. After solving this issue, it runs smoothly.

Maybe it will help someone else in the future as well.

It was definitely an odd behavior and I’m glad you figured it out. To be more helpful to future users though, it would be nice to provide more details. A memory leak of what service on the system? How did you solve it?

I think I overkilled the diskstation itself with the services (like Dockers container, Surveillance Station, Synology Drive, etc) running on it.

In the overview of Docker it showed, that Docker used only 1,1 GB of 2 GB, which sounded not that bad to me, but in reality it started to swap data to the hdd.

After adding physically additional 4 GB RAM, it is back to normal and I could continue my journey to OH3.

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