Openhab 3 Freezing on OH3 UI Cron Rule


I am posting this topic to highlight a strange behavior of OH3 Cron rule executing.

in detail, I am using a Cron rule (triggering every minute) in OH2 for two years and it’s working perfectly without any issue. After installing the OH3 I used the same rule using the new method of rules in OH3 UI and triggered the rule every minute but after few hours openhab 3 stop working properly and freezes then after rebooting it works fine for a few hours then freezes again.

After that, I tried the same rule using the file.rules (legacy method of creating rules using a file) then the system works properly for a long time without any issue.

So what would be the problem that makes OH3 freezes when using Cron triggering on the new UI while the same rule works fine with the file.rules method ??

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This one maybe -

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