OpenHab 3 FS20 Binding?


I just wanted to ask, is there a fs20 binding like in the OpenHab2?
Or am I only missing it?

Made it perfectly work on Version 2, but needed a Feature which only comes with the Version 3.

Any information about the fs20 binding would help a lot!

If you need a version that comes with Version 3, you need to upgrade to OH 3 to use it. Except in extreme circumstances (e.g. severe security vulnerabilities, the API no longer works at all) new features and even bug fixes are not back ported to older versions.

And there are a lot of breaking changes between OH 2 and OH 3 so you can’t use an OH 3 binding on an OH 2 core.

Ultimately you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t have a stable never changing installation of OH and get all the latest new features and capabilities.

Hello rlkoshak,

thanks for your answer!

Of course, I need to update to use the Feature (API with tokens → Home assistant). The Problem is, that the FS20 Binding is missing on the new Version. Not the other way around. I found on the Github Page OpenHab-Addons the compatibility Page (openHAB 1 addon compatibility overview with openHAB 3 · Issue #6179 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub)
In there is FS20 “Supported” with RFXCOM. This won’t help in my case. I need the 868Mhz running through the nanoCul.

Since Version 2 is working, I might add the Support to Home assistant via MQTT. That will need some time tho, since I am not completely sure, how to do that.

Wait, is this a 1.x style binding (no Things, everything is done on the Item) or a 2.x+ style binding (Things and Channels)? Looking back at the 2.5 docs, this add-on is labeled as a 1.x binding.

Since it’s a 1.x binding no one ever stepped up to reimplement it as 2.x binding. In OH 3 all support for 1.x bindings was dropped. The only way to use this add-on in OH 3 would be to run a separate instance of OH 2.5 and use the Remote openHAB add-on to mirror that 2.5 instance in the OH 3 instance (i.e. you’ll have to run two instances of OH 3).

There is indeed no openHAB 3 version of this binding. No one has stepped up to migrate the openHAB 1 version to version 2. The original binding depended on the cul transport module. Some effort was done to migrate that part, but that seems to have stalled [maxcul] Migrate maxcul binding from OH1 to OH3 by johgoe · Pull Request #9732 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub
That code could be a starting point for someone wanting to pickup on adding support for FS20.

As Rich mentioned you could use the remote binding Remote openHAB - Bindings | openHAB to communicate between an openHAB 2 instance running FS20 and the latest version openHAB instance.

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The combining of both versions is to much maintenance for me and also not possible, since it’s both on the same system. (At least not with apt).

I will read myself a bit farther in the mqtt part. Should be possible. How? Not sure yet :sweat_smile: but I should be able to figure that one out.

Thanks for the information!

It’s possible, you just have to adjust the ports of one of them to alternatives. I believe the files that need to be changed are in /var/lib/openhab/etc.

If the machine is beefy enough, you could also use Docker to run one or both of them which gives you easy ability to define which ports are exposed.