Openhab 3 google chrome 404 error

Not getting any of my values load in chrome.
All switches and everything works, just no values loading

only on this computer. Any ideas?


Try clearing the browser cache. Chrome caching can cause many issues.

this then leads me to ask: what is the difference between this and that computer ?

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Try a different browser on that computer?

Tried edge, same thing, only values not showing.

Chrome doesn’t show values even after clearing cache.

I have a OH2 setup running side by side, and it shows all values perfect.


confuses me:

  • what exactly do you mean with side by side ( OH2 and OH3 are on different hosts, right ? ) ?
  • you accessed OH3 from different client computers and with different but the same browser type and it shows the same result ?
  • any entry in the openhab.log, events.log files that gives a hint about the reason ?
  • does the chrome ( I think it is called ) webdeveloper show what is causing the error message ?

All of this discussion could have been avoided if you gave information in your first post.

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