Openhab 3 | Habpanel | iOS 9

Dear all,

I am trying to apply Habpanel on my ancient Ipad 2 (iOS 9) as viewer tool.
As there is no default panel defined, it asks for login by main UI.
When I try to access the main UI site to login (http://ip-adress:8080) it just returns with a blank screen (chrome, safari, dolphin, …). The main UI page cannot be accessed.

  1. Is there a iOS browser, that can handle Openhab 3 main UI OR
  2. Is there a way to login with login phrase OR
  3. Is there a way to define a default habpanel (which I have saved on the openhab server “XYPanel” OR
  4. any other idea which solves that issue and allwows me to access my XYPanel?

Your hints are highly appreciated as I want to prevent my Ipad 2 from becoming “Elektroschrott”