Openhab 3 Hue Groups (Room) advise

In Hue i have all rooms.
They appear as groups in OH3.
How do i position these groups in the model?


Hi All,

I am new to OH3, just playing around since two weeks. Now I ran into a problem with my Hue devices: I have 12 Hue bulbs at the outside wall around my house, that I want to switch all the same way simultaneously. I have a group “wall”, that includes 12 groups, one for each Hue bulb, which then each contain 2 items, one for brightness and one fir color.

Controlling the individual bulbs works fine. But controlling all bulbs from the group above doesn’t. Sometimes they react, sometimes they don’t. Weird.

Any suggestions?

You can switch max 10 lights at the same time. Use timers to stretch it.

wow. thanks.