OpenHAB 3 - Items not showing in Cloud and Alex app


a few weeks ago I set up a new OpenHAB 3 system for a fresh start to replace my old OpenHAB 2 setup which I more or less abandoned a while ago due to some issues and lack of time fixing them.
I want to reuse my old myopenhab account and therefore deleted all items and set my new uuid und secret.
In the UI I selected “Notifications & Remote Access” and chose the Items that are to be exposed.

Sadly even after weeks no Items show up in the cloud. I’ve read, that it sometimes takes a while and especially a status change. But the Items have seen several status changes by now, without any affect.

I am positive the UUID and secret are correct as the status on myopenhab is “online”. Furthermore I can remotely access my dashboard. Even the Items withe the same naming can be controlled via Amazon Alexa. But no new Items show up in the cloud nor in the Alexa app.

I’d very much appreciate any ideas!

You don‘t need to expose any item. This was only used for IFTTT, which is not useable atm.
Login to home.myopenHAB and click on show your dashboard.
If you see MainUI like accessing lokaly, everything is fine.

Thanks for the hint!

I was spending so much time trying to find out, why my items do not show up in myopenhab like they used to do :man_facepalming:.

With you pushing me in the right direction I managed to find the real problem. Seems like I did not set the metadata as needed. Therefore neither new items nor items deleted in the Alexa app could be discovered/rediscovered. Only items that had identical names in my old setup worked despite the missing meta data.

Once I corrected all items and deleted all old items in the Alexa app everything was fine.