OpenHab 3 itrans binding Issue - missing Channel receiver


I could install the OH3 irtrans binding successfully and it shown correctly as online. But unfortainly the Channel “receiver” is missing on the Binding when adding it on the UI - therefore I could not use it. It is also not available on add Binding - there is only the blaster channel / Thing device to add. Did I done something wrong or is it missing in the OH3 binding?


Hi Ernst,

your problem already existed under openHAB2, as you can see here:
Openhab2 irtrans 2.4

Unfortunately we haven’t found a solution. It seems no software-guy is interested in this binding.



Hi Ernst,
I agree with Klaus. I’m not really know why they add it to OH3 without help fixing the open and knowing issues.

I have no clue how to handle it from developement side. I understand that they moved it to OH3 without fixing so it works for all users who used it without problems (looks like a firmware issue, hardware,… - no clue).

It is a genrell topic for very reglemented bindungs in OH. I can’t say we have a IRTRANS Binding and in result it’S only interesting for very old devices. That show a wrong view.