Openhab 3 NGINX setup

I currently have A working OH2 setup on a RPI3B+ with NGINX installed and working.
I have forwarded port 80 external to 70 internal, because when i installed NGINX a couple of years ago port 80 was not working properly.
Anyway, this current setup works fine and has for years.

Now i want to do the same with OH3, although because I already have port 80 used with my OH2 install. How can i go about setting up OH3 to log in with my public IP:60 (port 60).

Im having a hard time getting this to work.
Anybody able to help out?

Did you have a look here? Securing Communication and Access | openHAB

The documentaition should contain all information. I read this part already and it contains all you need. If you have still issues please let us know where and share your current state so that we can help you :wink:

Its ok. I was able to get it to work somehow. Just a small brain fart, forgetting to restart NGINX. Differences between external and internal ports ETC.

Thanks for that. ill remove the post.