openHAB 3 Notifications

I’m playing around with openHAB 3 M3, and looking to migrate my openHAB 2.4 installation.

I use Prowl to send notifications to my iPhone, however it looks like there are no ‘actions’ in openHAB3, so I’m looking for alternatives.

I’ve looked at Pushbullet, however they are no longer publishing the app. I could use sendNotication but don’t want to go through the myopenhab cloud as this would mean setting my remote URL to myopenhab whereas at the moment the remote URL points directly to my domain.

Does anyone have any other tips/methods?

Appreciate any advice.

I was using Pushover in V2 and this binding is being worked on for V3 at the moment and is probably not far off working.

So under V3 I have moved over to Telegram.

It also allow you to ask questions and change controls in openHAB like this.


Do you know where to find more info about this? I’ve just upgraded to OH3 and noticed that my pushover notifications doesn’t work any more :frowning:

Hi all,

You can find some information and a precompiled *.jar file for testing in the related PR:


Thank you, I will try Telegram. I like the idea of it being interactive!

Yes the interactive is why I have moved over and you can cancel/delete messages if events change after the message is sent.

Pushover was also cool in that when you send a GIF from a security camera, the preview message showed the movement without the app needing to be opened. I knew if I could ignore the message from a quick glance if it was a family member tripping the security cameras. With telegram I can hear audio in the mp4 videos that it sends so that wins for me.

Worth having a play depending on what your needs are.

Why using another Chat Tool for such messages?? You can easily use mail action in V3 to send mail to Prowl Server in order to get such messages on your mobile. I have to use mail for Prowl anyway as I have to send different messages to account of my wife and OpenHab < V3 “only” support one native Prowl instance as pushnotification.

Anyway: Prowl Support (pushnotification) in OH3 would be nice

Because it’s interactive and more capable of media as you can read in the previous two posts.
Which is what you should always do before replying to a post, let alone an older one.

Which I did by the way, so not worth that you blame others! But just for pushnotification - for me - it’s not worth to move to telegram which is surely capable to play interactive notificyation as it’s just another Chat tool like WhatsApp (just intend to be more secure)