openHAB 3 on RPI zero

Hello, is it possible to use openHAB 3 / openHABian on a raspberry pi zero?

Yes but I don’t recommend it. It’ll be way way too slow and you’ll constantly be fighting running out of RAM. It’s really way under powered to handle OH.

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Is there already a documentation for it?

There is not enough RAM for that. Please read the documentation first.

We strongly recommend that users choose Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4 systems that have 1 GB of RAM or more. RPi 1 and 0/0W only have a single CPU core and 512 MB of RAM. This can be sufficient to run a smallish openHAB setup, but it will not be enough to run a full-blown system with many bindings and memory consuming openHABian features/components such as zram, InfluxDB or Grafana. We do not actively prohibit installation on any hardware, including unsupported systems, but we might skip or deny to install specific extensions such as those memory hungry applications named above.

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I personally found the 1GB on a Pi 3 to be too restricting.

It’s not supported so why would there be documentation for it?

But in general, it’s a Linux machine so all the Linux instructions will apply. openHABian might work.


If you must use that box, consider running OH2 on it instead.

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Nope that will require as-much memory.

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