[OpenHab-3] Pages not work as Fullscreen, without top and bottom bar ...!?

Hi all,

this is my first post. Hello @ all.

I am wondering that my Android tablet does not display Pages in Openhab 3 in fullscreen. How can I solve this ? In habpanel it works wonderfully, but not in Pages !? So it must be a Openhab, not a Chrome issue ?! What can i do ? I do not want to install an additional browser or App…

PS.: Open the Openhab3-Page from Home Screen not resolved the issue…

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No ideas, what can i do ?

Hi I have also noticed this.
If you are logged in as admin edit the page and then go to run, you can then select the fullscreen icon at the bottom left, then everything looks wonderful.
As soon as you are logged out, Fullscreen is no longer available.

In my opinion, Fullscreen must always be available, so that only the page is displayed.
Screenshot 2022-02-21 223404
This icon must be there even if you are not logged in as admin.

I have found a solution for you.
Create a user in the Open Hab Console and share the layout page with users.
Then you have a fullscreen button even with limited rights.

openhab> openhab:users add testuser mypassword user
testuser (user)
user created.
openhab> openhab:users list
openhab (administrator)
testuser (user)

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to share my experience with this. I’ve been trying to get fully-kiosk browser to show the “fullscreen” view, and I tried the procedure from @xvs03 but once I had created the user-level user, I didn’t know what to do with it (how to log in as that user and how to give that user permission to view the layout pages…) But, then I happened to hover over the “fullscreen” button on my admin account and realized that it’s a different link. it appears as:


I put this link as the Start URL in Fully-Kiosk, and it now brings me to the page editor overview page, and scrolling to the bottom of that page shows the “Run” switch on the right, and the “Fullscreen” link on the left. At this point I am able to go run and fullscreen as on my admin account and the display becomes fullscreen without the top and bottom bar! Finally!

There may be a way to go directly to the Run+Fullscreen view via link, but so far I haven’t figured that out. I’m really surprised that this is that difficult as I can’t imagine that anyone wants the navbar and toolbar taking away that much real-estate on their tablet… but for now, just being able to get to the fullscreen view helps a ton.

Hope this may help someone.