OpenHab 3: rrd4j files despite using influxDB

I started out fresh with OpenHab 3.2 and this time using InfluxDB.
So I have added the InfluxDB plugin, configured it though UI and set the persistence service to InfluxDB (in UI)

When I check InfluxDB I see data there.

But I also see freshly created/modified *.rrd files in openhab_userdata\persistence\rrd4j

Is something wrong with my config?


RRD4J is installed and storing data by default in OH3. To prevent that just remove the RRD4J binding.

ok, thank you

Is parallel storage of items in RRD4 and Infllux possible (necessary) ?
Or only one database type should be used ?
How to switch from RRD4J to Influx without lost of item values please ?

My plan is using Influx and Grafana in OH3 using http statement from http binding for opening Grafana pages.