openHAB 3 Startup Issue on Mac OS X


i wanted to test the new openHAB on a Mac Book Air (OS 10.15.4)

Actually there are some errors.
Java 11 is already installed an the path is set with the right environment.

Does anyone know why?

I didn´t change anything in the startup script. The path to the files is relative.

Check whether you have somehow messed up your $PATH environment variable:

dirname (that´s what the error message says) cannot be found by the script.

$PATH (always) includes /usr/bin, that´s where „dirname“ resides.

if a „which dirname“ does not show „/usr/bin/dirname“ there is most likely something wrong with your $PATH variable.
Either fix it in your shell‘s „rc“ file, or spell out the full path name of dirname in their script.

Hope this helps

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With Oracle Java 11 it works now on my System. :wink:
I recommend using Oracle Java on Mac OS. Java SE Development Kit 11- - Downloads

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