Openhab 3 trying to set up scheduled rule


I am trying to set up a scheduled rule that will run only on weekdays (I cannot create a normal scheduled rule either)

I can create normal rules OK but it would be nice to be able to attach a schedule tag to those so they show up on the calendar. I can’t do that either.

Anyone out there been able to create a schedule? Or am I doing it wrong?


You can create a normal rule and add the tag “Schedule” and you see the entry on the calendar.

I tried that but it didn’t work…BUT now I know it can be done I wasn’t pressing enter after I added the tag. You have to press enter or it doesn’t keep the change.
I kept saving the rule but the schedule wasn’t there. Now I know.


Also, if the rule says to only run it on week days shouldn’t the rule only show up on week days and NOT on weekends on the calendar?
I have a rulle that runs on week days only but it shows up on ALL days.

And another observation. The word Schedule IS CASE SENSITIVE! I had schedule and it didn’t show up on the calendar.
I changed it to Schedule and the it appeared on the calendar.

Then it’s a bug. You can place it on github.

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