OpenHAB 3 With Broadlink Binding - Communication "Hangs"

I use Several Broadlink rm mini (Mini 3 and Mini 4)devices to control IR appliances, through HABpanel.
Specifically, i have a HABpanel remote control that i use to control my TV.

I have noticed that at times, the communication between OH and the RM device “Hangs”. If i look at a traffic capture it looks like OH sends a command to the mini that is not answered (Packet lost? RM mini not able to handle commands that fast enough?)
After what appears like a timeout, OpenHAB suddenly bursts commands that were pressed in HABpanel after the communication hanged.

I am running OpenHAB 3.1, with the latest add-on beta (3.2), but i have seen this behavior with all add-on versions i have tried so far.

Has anyone experience this behavior with RM minis? It is most noticeable with TV appliances, especially if you are trying to use HABpanel as a remote, since the rate of pressing commands is much higher than, say, just turning something on and off.
My Problem is, the behavior is really detrimental to the experience of controlling the device.

From the point of view of the add on, as commands sent to the Broadlink devices queued in one queue, in a fifo way? Is there any way to use multiple queues, or decrease the timeout for an RM Mini response? Those are the only ways i can think of to improve the experience.

Any other suggestions are welcome.