OpenHAB 3 Won't Start

I updated my OpenHAB to OH 3, it was working fine for a day but now my Rasp Pi is not responding. When I try accessing it through raspberrypi.local:8080, it times out. I tried to use ssh to connect to it and it also times out. Then, I tried unplugging and plugging the Pi back in, still no response. How can I fix this?

Restore the SD card from a backup or rebuild the SD card. You might be able to get some of the files off of that SD card first by mounting it to another machine. But if it won’t come back online after a reboot, there is nothing you can do on the machine itself.

  • Any chance to connect a monitor to it to see what is happening ?
  • could it be that the IP address has changed and name lookup does not work for whatever reason ?

I have the same issue, i connect to a TV, and nothing; won’t boot

…means that there is no output at all - just a black screen ?

Yes; a black screen. Finally i have reinstalled OH again. Just couldn’t find a solution.