Openhab 3 zwave fibaro motion sensor found but no channels

  • Platform information:raspi4
    • Hardware: CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage arm
    • OS: raspbian buster
    • openHAB version:3

Dear all,
The sensor is found but got no channels even manually woken.

Further it is found twice but second time with communication error.
A hint to fix it would be nice.

Further please lead me to bulk creation of one wire things… Can’t find it anymore in the documentation (bulk creation)
Thank you!

I deleted the devices from the stick and added them offline again.
Now they are both not known and have no channels.

Any hint would be appreciated how to proceed.
In oh2.5 they were working fine.
Thx again

You either need to wake them up or give it a few hours until they regulary report to the controller.
That helped here.
All of my smoke detectors were “unknown” but in the next day all of them were recognized.

Thank you Sascha…

The motion sensor was online more than a week and did not get identified.
I woke them every hour for the last 5.
Didn’t help.
Any other suggestions are welcomed.

Resetting the bridge and relearning did the trick it seems.