Openhab 4.0.2 Docker - No more model changes possible


I upgraded to Openhab 4 - Docker a fortnight ago. Everything has worked so far, with a few adjustments. My system has been working without any problems since then. The log file also looks good. Now I wanted to add a new item. The item was created correctly and is also found under Items.
Only the item is not created in the model. No matter what I set as the path. I then tried to create a new location in the model as a test. This does not work either. This group is found under Items, even with the correct parents. Only in the model it is not displayed. Of course I have already deleted the cache and the temp directory. Unfortunately without success. What is going wrong here?



Could this be related to the caching issue reported with Firefox? What browser are you using?

Thank you!! That’s it. I use Firefox. I did not suspect that this could be a browser problem. But it is. It works with Chrome!

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