openHAB 4.0 Release cloud connection issue

Does anybody has issue with the cloud connector? I have following system:
runtimeInfo.txt (1.8 KB)
I use android app for connection 2.23.5 beta version.
Cloud shows that my instance is online. If I send message to my phone notification pops up but sent text does not come through.
I have set up trace of the cloud connector:
Cloud connection trace.txt (59.8 KB)
Unfortunately, I do not see any issue here what I can fix.
I have tried uninstall and reinstall cloud connector service, deleted and registered again my account etc. But no success so far. If I go back to 4.0.0.M2 then my cloud connector works. Something happened between M2 and M3 as my cloud connector stopped when I updated to M3.
I would really welcome some ideas how can I fix it.

I use Ambient weather binding. If I uninstall it, then cloud connector works, so there is a conflict between the binding and the cloud connector. This is what I could found out so far.

Try upgrading to an official release like 4.0.1 instead of 4.0.0.RC1. There was a last minute fix for incompatibility issues:

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issues with 4.0.1 as well … 500 IOException @

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