OpenHab 4.1.0 -> Add-on Store -> suggests and offers to install bindings which are already installed

Today I noticed an error for my NTP item, it suggested that the ntp server can not be reached (which actually is not correct).
As I though I may need to adjust something in the NTP binding I went to the Add-on Store.
Searched for the NTP binding an found the “Install” button is showing.
I can click in and the little spinning item appears suggesting that the installation is ongoing … but it actually spins forever …
Going back to the overview page of all bindings I found that other bindings I definitely have already installed (e.g. the KNX binding) are showing the same behavior.
The bindings are shown as “Suggested” and I could click the Install button.
Does anyone else see this behavior?
I just updated from 4.0.x to 4.1.0 this morning.

Maybe the same as this…