openHAB 4.1 Release discussion

On the latest Apple iOS / iPadOS (17.4) line charts from openHAB (I tested it with 4.1.0 and 4.1.1) are no longer displayed. Where would be the right place to document this? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Hey, I have the same effect… for me it is not working on Apple iOS / iPadOS (17.4)…

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Have you tried in the browser or in the iOS app?
Have you accessed openHAB over local or remote (openHAB Cloud) connection?

For me it nearly always works on iOS/iPadOS 17.4, but I am on the latest snapshot where I upgraded our charting library.
Charts for me sometimes do not work when I am not at home and my internet connection is to slow, but in that case there is no solution.

Florian. I have testet with two different iPads, IPhone, different browser, and also local and via VPN. Time for preperation is not an issue.

It looks all the time the same for me.
Please see here one example how it is looking like.

When pressing „Steuerelemente“ the graph will be generated and look normal…

Excactly the same behaviour on my side. iMac, iPad & iPhone doesnt show up on first try, but after pressing “Steuerlemente” its fine again.

I can now reproduce the issue, it would have been helpful if you had written where line charts don‘t work anymore, because on chart pages they work fine. Only if opened from Item detail page „Analyze“ button the issue occurs.

I will try to have a look into this soon.


Great, that you can reproduce that issue.
Simon has already reported, also with the wording line Chart.
So I added, two pictures, how it look like.
For me it only happens on Apple, which is not my primary HW for daily usage…

I have fixed this: Analyzer: Fix analyzer initially not visible on iOS 17.4 by florian-h05 · Pull Request #2511 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub


Thanks Florian. So that means, when 4.2 is released, the fix should be there for us…-

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I have this issue as well. Looking forward to 4.2! Thanks Florian.